Household and Group Swimming

We have been closed until now because of the restrictions imposed to limit the spread of the coronavirus epidemic.

But now we are able to open again, though initially at least, it has to be under restricted conditions.

We think the best way to do this is to release the pool to either single households (of any size) or organised groups (up to 10 people).

The pool is now available for hire by the public for 10 one-hour slots on weekdays and 8 at weekends. Hiring the pool for an hour used to be charged at £60, but in order to make it widely available and affordable we are setting the price at £30 for 40 mins in the water and 20 mins for change over. This is as low as we can go and still cover our costs.

We are following the recommendations made by Swim England. We hope this is a way that we can make the gorgeous new facilities available for public use, and give people the confidence that they will be safe when they come.

😷 The conditions are that:

  • you have to book and pay in advance by card,
  • arrive on time (not early),
  • come ready for a swim (like you would at the beach) as we won’t be opening the changing rooms,
  • have a soapy shower before you get in the water,
  • have a soapy shower when you get out and
  • change back into your clothes (if you wish) outdoors
  • you leave on time (not late) to allow the next group to come in with minimal interaction

A toilet will be available for urgent use should it be needed and we will disinfect it after use.

Book now   for a single household, or a small organised group

Once we have got this system up and running we hope to get Lane Swimming reinstated. Again it will need to be pre-booked, pre-paid (by card) and it will be first come first served up to a fixed limit of numbers to keep people suitably separate from one another.

For more information, and the thinking behind our plans to operate this season, see our COVID Policy.