Low Angle


If you wish to book the pool for a private party, a childrens birthday do, or a water polo match, or an inter-family gala event, or as a luxurious swim with a few friends then:

  • Please check with the opening times and choose a non-public swimming slot that suits you. Note there are different times for holidays and term time.  You can even suggest a time that is not shown, but this may be harder to organise...
  • And, just a word about Mermaids!

    • In the past we did accept Mermaid Parties where an outside organisation provided a mermaid event and supplied the mermaid fins and supervision.
    • We have reluctantly decided we can't proceed with these events because managing the liability and safety aspects of them has proved to be a significant risk and administration overhead
    • This is a pity, because we recognised they were very much appreciated and our withdrawing them was a difficult decision -- reluctantly taken after much detailed consideration

Book online

Please Note:

  • Please book at least 5 days in advance to give us time to organise supervisors.  We may be able to oblige at shorter notice, but make sure we have confirmed with you before you turn up.
  • Maximum number of swimmers is 35

  • Note that for children under 4 years old  a maximum of 2 can be supervised by one adult, for children above 4 and under 7 then the ratio is a maximum of 4 children to one adult, and for mixed ages under 7 the ratio is 3 children to one adult.  (Note that these are bigger ratios than for public swimming as we think there will be more control within a party setting but our lifeguard can always impose stricter rules if really necessary)

  • Children who are not completely out of nappies must wear swim nappies (they are available at the pool)

  • You can bring food, and please consume it the new veranda area overlooking the Severn Vale.  But, please take the residues with you (we don't want vermin seeing our waste bins as evening restaurants!) and alcohol is not allowed under our current rules. 

  • We have to ask you to consume the food and still leave within the time limit, please - our staff have to clear up and go home, too!
  • The charge is £55 for a one hour session (50 min in water) and extra half hours cost £25 each.  Please pay in advance to secure the booking.

  • If your booking is after 8:00 pm then we would ask you to be reasonably quiet when you are at the pool.

  • Please let us know what you think of this process