To make a 10 person booking in the next opening, you can Book online

We are now taking longer term bookings manually via the contact form.
If you'd like to book ahead of the 2 week window, or for more than 10 people. Please get in touch, telling us when you would like to book, and your payment card's postcode. More info about this here

We are getting a lot of questions about bookings, so please read the following answers, which may be what you're looking for.

  • We reckon babies are normally carried around in the pool by an adult so we think that the pair of them constitutes a single receive/deliver coronavirus risk entity.  So babies are not counted as individuals in the 10 swimmers.
  • Groups often have a few spectators with them to enjoy the trip out and help with child care etc.  We are happy to welcome 3 extra people on the pool side with up to 10 in the water.  We have judged that to go much beyond this raises the transmission risk for our supervising staff.