Swimming in a time of coronavirus

We want to open the pool to the public now the refurbishments are in place and it is looking very inviting!

But because of coronavirus people will want to feel safe when they come to the pool. We are therefore only opening to either household groups or other organised groups up to a maximum of 10 people — who will socially distance according to government guidelines.

Here are the key points about how we plan to keep people safe:

  • No cash — book and pay in advance by card on the website
  • The chlorine in the water will kill the virus — This is advice from the Pool Water Treatment Advisory Group (PWTAG)
  • We require that swimmers have a soapy shower before and after the swim This will ensure hands are washed and any virus particles are disabled by soap disrupting their fragile lipid surface.
  • We do not want people to use the changing rooms — to limit cross-contamination, so come as you would as if you were visiting a beach
  • A toilet will be available for urgent use only, and we ask that you make yourself comfortable before arriving.
  • The toilet will be disinfected if it is used. We are using a 1000 ppm Sodium Hypochlorite solution to disinfect contact areas (as recommended by PWTAG)
  • You can bring your own toys and take them with you at the end.
  • Gates and doors will be open to avoid hand contact
  • We will operate with the enclosure (partly or completely) open to minimise
  • transmission risk
  • Please arrive and leave on time, to limit the interaction with other groups.

There will still be lifeguard supervision

  • minor first aid will be done by a household member with instruction from the lifeguard, if requested.
  • lifeguards will still offer defibrillator resuscitation should a serious event occur, but they will have the choice whether or not to use mouth-to-mouth resuscitation (in accord with RLSS Guidelines)

Here is the thinking behind our deciding to open this way:

  • We thought it was essential that people felt safe when they come for a swim— so we are working through a pre-booking system. This means there is an adult group organiser/booker who knows exactly who will attend. They will also attend themselves to be confident that the situation is safe.
  • We recognise that this is a system that excludes people who would normally turn up and pay at the gate, and we regret this restriction, but feel it is better to get the pool up and running as soon as we can.
  • The price is £30 for an hour’s session (40 mins in the water and 20 mins change-over). This is as low as we can make it and cover our costs. (normally we would charge £60 for this).

Eventually, we hope to reinstate public swimming and use of the changing rooms.

This will depend on:

  • the easing of government restrictions
  • our perception of public confidence
  • being able to put in hand simple measures to protect our staff and the public

We will refund anyone who has paid but wishes to cancel due to suspected

We are operating in accordance with coronavirus guidance provided by Swim England.