Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd was created by Wotton Swimming Pool Club working with Wotton Town Council.

The status of 'Company Limited by Guarantee' gives WSPL the legal and official status required to operate such a complex facility to the necessarily high safety and organizational level. The Swimming Pool Club existed for many years, and provided well trained lifesavers and gatekeepers for evening and weekend swimming sessions, as well as an enthusiastic group of do-gooders who organise and undertake maintenance and cleaning, development projects (such as the supplementary heating system, the retractable cover, and the iconic 'fat lady' open sign).  This ethos lives on in the Company.

WSPL now has charitable status and operates as a non profit making organization – it operates the pool as a facility for the swimmers of Wotton and the surrounding towns and villages. The charitable status means that all monetary donations can be "gift aided" which increases their value to the Company by 25%.  Donations are always gratefully received and allow the gradual improvement and updating of the facilities.

WSPL now has six directors and trustees, who are responsible for the company, who are highly motivated, involved and passionate people who truly believe in the future of the pool. If you would like to get involved you can get in touch with WSPL on the website. Any expertise you have will certainly be welcome, be it legal, financial, practical, marketing, lifeguarding and safety, or simply enthusiasm!