Corporate Benefactors

A number of individuals and groups have done a great deal for us, and we have greatly appreciated their efforts.

Also, there have been a number of companies and corporate organisations that have given us some very generous terms for work carried out for us or itsms supplied and we want to acknowledge their generosity here.

They include:

Carpets Galore Emersons Green Bristol 

Pool tanking and relining work


 Construction work in the changing rooms

Eric George

Provision of this website @errkk

Instant Signs

The external Wotton Pool signs on the fence

Mike Davies Pumping Services

Replacement of the cast iron and re-arrangement of the pipework system in the pump house, and other large scale plumbing work

Uplands Retail

Construction work in changing rooms

Wotton Electric Picture House

Help with finance and cinema advertising

Yate Supplies

Provision of cleaning  materials and toilet supplies

There are other generous companies who prefer to keep their generosity less publicised... They are just as appreciated

Thanks everyone