Katie Elliott - the pianomeister!

There seems to have been a jump of energy at Wotton Swimming Pool Club HQ in the past week. Sunday’s Pianothon by Katie Elliott at Wotton Arts Centre was greatly entertaining, and, by the looks of things, was much enjoyed and appreciated by all punters! Katie played the piano for 12 hours, in aid of Wotton Swimming Pool Club and Wotton Arts Centre. Young and old joined in with the music, the dancing, the dramatics, and the tea and cakes (the coffee cake particularly was a triumph!), providing a very comfortable, musical morning, lunchtime, afternoon and evening. Katie’s rhythmic instruction to the children playing percussion was a huge success, and never before have so many children with noisy artefacts sounded so good! There is a hum to HQ too this week. The recent rain hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the volunteers – rather it seems to have turned minds back toward swimming, and the first committee meeting of 2011 was well attended. We are pleased to welcome three newcomers to the Swimming Club and the various skills and expertise they bring with them will certainly be well used in different aspects of running the pool. The great range of skills now available to HQ cover not only lifeguarding and safety, but maintenance, practicality, numeracy, engineering, heating, design, law... The list goes on! With such a determined crew, the future for Wotton Pool is a darn sight better looking now than it was at the end of last season! Miss Minnow