Tucked up for the winter

After last week’s heatwave, the month of September could have almost redeemed itself. After a mostly dreary month, it is so frustrating to see the sun out and shining, and thermometers shooting up to 25 C. We could certainly have done with a bit more enticement into the pool in September. Swimmer numbers did struggle during the final month of the season, which is a pity as the summer and the pool have offered many opportunities for swimming, be it lanes, mothers and babies, races, splashing, and the very enjoyable pool parties – and the swimmers of Wotton and the surrounding villages have made the most of them. The number of swims in the season was more than that which was predicted, and with swims, brings income. Swimming pools are rarely profit making businesses, and the costs of running the pool still outweighs the income, but despite this, Wotton Pool has had a successful summer – and it was a pity to see such a decrease in the demand throughout September. Unfortunately, the September sun arrived too late, and my scales thoroughly dried out in the ‘heatwave’ last week without a pool to chill out in. Strange to think back to April too, when the week before the summer swimming season was hot and sunny and perfect for drawing in great numbers of swimmers to one of the few outdoor pools in the area. (And I think there was some kind of additional holiday to celebrate something or other, which too would have offered extra swimming opportunities!) Oh well, pack up your goggles and fins, but keep them well oiled over the winter – Wotton Pool will open again! Miss Minnow