So this pool is meant to be open when?

Things are ticking over nicely at HQ this week. We are anticipating the registration of Wotton Swimming Pool Limited to come through in the next few weeks. This title gives the pool the legal and organisational status to be able to run effectively and safely. Our financial team are getting stuck in to tackling tax regulations, looking at costs of insurance, and the intricacies surrounding pay rolls. The marketing team are coming together and establishing their mission to put Wotton Pool into the public domain, (follow WottonPool on Twitter!) and conducting research to find out what our swimmers want from the facility. Staffing is an issue high up on the agenda, and we are actively looking for lifeguards and gatekeepers to help out. If you are a qualified lifeguard, or would like to become one and take on some sessions at the pool this summer, please get in touch via the ‘contact us’ form on the website We are also looking to recruit 2 pool managers, deputy and assistant, who will be responsible for ensuring that the pool is open and functioning throughout the summer. The full job description will soon be available on the website and will be advertised in the town, so keep an eye out if you’re interested. The pool will be open as usual from the first weekend of May, we’re all looking forward to it.