The renovations begin..

As I ambled past the pool today, I was surprised to hear a buzz of activity. Well more like a buzz of power tools really, but that is probably because that is what it is! Wotton Pool has a certain charm surrounding it, what with the main office being a garden shed, the changing rooms, a bigger, older garden shed, and a pool that is endearingly measured in yards. Yet although some of these features give the pool ‘character’, the novelty value of some of the others is wearing thin. The pool tank for example, is certainly wearing thin - the current paint has been flaking away in large, sharp chunks. The pool has been repainted each season for several years, and these layers of paint build up and as a result when the paint chips, the chips are thick and pointy enough to be uncomfortable to walk on. Wotton Swimming Pool Club has vowed to rectify this, to enhance swimmer experience. And the work has begun! The pool tank is being shot blasted (having the old flakey paint removed), and will be replaced by a new epoxy paint system: a non toxic waterproof barrier, which is incredibly foot friendly! When the lining is completed, the Wotton Pool photographer will be tasked with putting pictures on the website Watch this (web)space! Miss Minnow