Wedding? What wedding? It's Wotton Pool opening!

I just love the smell of chlorine in the morning. And the evening, and the afternoon, and round about lunch time and any other time when it’s swimming o’clock! And that is what it is. This weekend, Saturday 30th April, at 2pm, Wotton Pool reopens for the summer season, for the first time under its new management: the successful coalition of Wotton Swimming Pool Club and Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd. The past few weekends have seen much activity at the Wotton Pool site. Volunteers from Wotton Swimming Pool Club have been busy tidying up the site. This has had many different subdivisions in order to get Wotton Pool into better shape than it has been for a while. The pool tank has been shot blasted to get rid of all the old nasty bits of paint flaking away, and it has been repainted with a nice blue epoxy paint system which will be much more comfortable under-fin. However, perhaps the most welcome refurbishment is that of the changing rooms: new toilets, a new layout, and easy-to-clean surroundings which will make slipping into your swimming scales and goggles a massively improved user experience. For the more amphibious users of Wotton Pool, the sunbathing bench has also been reconstructed and given a shiny new splash of paint, to give a comfortable place to soak up the sun (or whatever elements present themselves!) while watching your little ducklings paddling about. And for anyone who isn’t waterproof, you can also see the developments of the pool from the safety of your computer screen on the new style website at, but why not take the plunge and sail along to Wotton Pool on April 30th at 2pm? (There won’t be any thing good on TV the day after the Big Day..) The pool water is warmer than when many Wotton-ers learnt to swim there, and the environs of the pool have improved a lot. Weigh anchor, hoist the sails and set course for the ocean of Symn Lane! Miss Minnow