Wotton Smurfs Painting Club

Anyone else feeling blue? WSPC (Wotton Smurfs Painting Club) certainly are. If you haven’t been by the pool recently, you may not know, but if you have been anywhere near Symn Lane, it would be hard to miss the shiny new (half) blue fence. And that is just the outside! Behind those slats is a situation so blue, even the Blues Brothers would be impressed. The inside of the fence is blue too, and the pool is so bright it is almost as inviting as a cool dip on a hot day. With the hot spell last week, a chance to go swimming must have been on many people’s minds. So when is it open?! Wotton Pool, under its new management, opens for the summer season this year on Saturday 30th April at 14:00. This first swimming session will surely be a splash, running until 16:00. The pool is opening in time for the May Day bank holiday this year, and will be open until September. This year the pool has new opening hours too. Wotton Swimming Pool Club and Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd, the organisations now running the pool, have added in some extra sessions to make the pool more accessible to more people. The pool will be open every afternoon to the public, and lane swimming will now be available every weekday evening between 18:30 and 20:00 (subject to light conditions!). That’s an extra half hour to get in and swim up and down, hopefully avoiding the Jacuzzi effect when all the lane swimmers pile in at once! The other additional session is now available on Saturday mornings – a perfect alternative to the Saturday morning supermarket shop – what a relief! Get that date in your diary: Wotton Pool’s grand opening on 30 April 2010! Miss Minnow