Birthday? time for a pool party!

With the new swimming season well underway, the pool is still looking shiny and exciting. The sunshine of the past few weeks has created perfect Lido conditions, with spectators relaxing on the brand new decking in the sunshine, while swimmers young and old enjoy the warm but refreshing water with the retractable cover creating varied amounts of shade, shelter, and fresh air as the weather demands. Wotton Pool’s versatility is certainly something which makes it so popular in the local community. The potential for pool parties is definitely a great asset. Compared with other swimming pools in the area, at £50 for the hire of the pool and a lifeguard for an hour plus changing time, Wotton Pool is certainly a cheap option. However, by cheap that doesn’t indicate lack of quality. The water is highly regulated for temperature and chemicals, meaning that even young children are happy and comfortable to splash around. The great thing about pool parties is that they aren’t weather dependent. If it’s sunny and warm – that’s great because the cover can be rolled back and provide that wonderful feeling of summer air while swimming – like being on holiday somewhere exotic! However, if it rains and you have what feels like hundreds of children to entertain and no garden to expand into, Wotton Pool is still a great party because of course, being wet is the whole point! The other option at pool parties, is the fun of some gentle competition. How about an amateur water polo match with chairs for goals and two teams of energetic (or stealthy) friends? Alternatively gala-style races can also be exciting, or even just splashing up and down and some underwater handstands is a lot of fun. If you’d like to hire the pool, get in touch to book your slot! Miss Minnow