Float or Flail

Great bravery was shown by the many who were involved in the organisation of the Wotton Triathlon this year, both during the lead up to the event, and on the day. The 12th of June dawned damp, and the rain and wind seemed to increase throughout the morning. Granted, this wasn’t ideal cycling and running weather, but it must’ve been much more unpleasant for the many stewards getting drenched around the course, pointing the directions, the supporters, the medics, the timers, and the welcoming banana stall. Well done everyone, for a hugely successful triathlon, and thank you for your efforts and joviality despite the deluge. The triathlon might be over, but that is just for this year, and after a nice break, it’s time to get in training for next year! Good news, for you swimming enthusiasts – the very popular Monday evening swim training session with the ingenious Coach Neil will be continuing throughout the summer swimming season. These sessions are very well attended, with a waiting list of eager beavers, ready to dive in as soon as any cancellations occur. The swim training sessions focus on stroke improvement, and the swimmers learn drills and techniques to enhance their swimming, which increases speed without increasing effort – a much-needed skill at the start of a triathlon! However, if you aren’t (yet!) a triathlete, you’re still welcome to come along and learn – the Wotton Pool Swimming Gala is the next swimming competition, taking place on 9th July! If you would like to book your space, get in touch via the contact us link at the bottom, or you can type the full: if you prefer! Please categorise your message with ‘Monday night swim training’. Miss Minnow