Cooeeee? Summer? Are you there??

There have certainly been a few signs of summer so far – early strawberries were fabulous, and other signs of summer are here too: talking of strawberries, did you enjoy Wimbledon? The first cricket Test series has rolled by too, with plenty of rain of course, and the pressure of exams has been heavy for many. Despite these summery traits, we are still waiting on the long hot days of summers gone by! The British summer is a fickle fish. Sun one day, rain later on, 33 degrees and maybe even flash flooding. It does make it particularly hard to plan days out and fun things to do, but one activity, which isn’t dependent on weather, is swimming. Wotton Pool has a retractable cover – a true asset in the UK. For those windy days, there is protection from the chilling wind, and although you will still get wet in the pool when it rains, the cover will stop you from getting a cold watering-can style dousing while swimming, and certainly won’t spoil your fun splashing around. And if by some miracle the sun comes out, there are few things better than a cool dip in the pool, or catching some rays on the decking while your shrimps swim. This Saturday (9 July) sees 2011’s Wotton Swimming Gala, and no matter what the weather, it will certainly be a good event. Come along with your team, (or at the very least your cossie!) and see if you can beat the raining champs. Why not turn up and have a go? Miss Minnow