Time for a relaxing soak? I think not! Keep training!

Has anyone been for  a swim lately? I must admit, in the aftermath of the soaking that was Wotton Triathlon, I had very nearly had enough of water for a while. But that was short lived, and it’s time to jump back in and get back in training! What is it this time? The annual Wotton Pool Swimming Gala! This year it will be held on 9 July. If you haven’t been before, you really should consider it. Grab 3 other mates who can swim, or make a decent fist of getting from one end of the pool to the other (in the water!) or if that is too much of a struggle, just turn up and see who else is there who you can encourage to join your team! As only two teams can race at a time, the times of every race are recorded, so you needn’t be downhearted if the other team are a real fishy bunch and get the better of you, as there is always the chance that you’re quicker than the rest! And that fishy bunch mustn’t get too big for their flippers, just for winning one race, as who knows what condition the infamous Pink Lobsters and Old Parts will be in this year, and whether they will be snapping at your fins for first place! There are also prizes for children, adults, family teams, and not forgetting the Dave Faller trophy, which is awarded to the young swimmer showing true bravery, perseverance and courage. I look forward to seeing you there on July 9th, just turn up and dive in! Miss Minnow