Silver? Bronze?

Last week I mused over the gold medal winner for the top Wotton Swimming Pool moment of the season so far. It did of course go to the opening day, April 30th as it was such a triumph for all involved. Perhaps it is traditional to increase the excitement by saving the gold medal for last – but hey it was too great a day to save! The silver and bronze medals will go to the two other big events of the season – the deluge which was of course the Wotton Triathlon (big thanks to Denise and Gideon for organising such a successful event, despite the torrent) and the drama of the Wotton Pool Swimming Gala (thanks here goes to John and Fran, and the BBQ babes). Who could choose between these two competitions? Such triumph and success for all kinds of people achieving all kinds of individual and team victories - particularly the ladies thrashing the gentlemen at the gala! August has started, but don’t worry, this isn’t the final month of the season. This year, the Swimming Pool Club are hoping for a long Indian summer, but even if the weather can’t live up to this, the pool is going to stay open right into September to ensure back to school doesn’t entirely leave that holiday swimming feeling dissolving into a distant memory. If you need some focus to keep your fitness up through the summer, how about undertaking the Summer Swim Challenge? Find out where you could swim to during the month of August – could you make it as far as Bristol by swimming 1900 lengths? (That’s 475 lengths a week). If that seems like an uphill struggle, what about swimming the 417 lengths from Wotton Pool to Dursley (that’s just 104 lengths a week) Or if you’re really going against the current – could you swim the length of Wotton high street? It’s just 22 lengths – so around 6 a week! Why not pick up a form from the pool, and see what you can achieve? I wonder how long it will take me to swim from Wotton Pool to London.. Miss Minnow