Hello September. Fancy a swim anyone?

It’s September and Wotton Pool is still open! The bigwigs and smallhairs at Wotton Swimming Pool Club have done their sums, got their light meters and graph paper out, investigated temperature trends and weather statistics of previous autumns; all this, to come up with the calculation to extend the season at Wotton Pool this year until the 25th of September. What’s that? They just decided they want to keep on swimming and chose an arbitrary date in September?? Surely not.. Well, with the amount of geeks surrounding the pool operation this year, you might well have been fooled into believing me at first. The decision wasn’t quite as offhand as I have suggested, probably a combination of the two above statements would bring you closest to an accurate picture. However, the main facts remains the same – the temperature and light have been judged to remain summery enough to allow Wotton Pool to lengthen the swimming season right into September. The pool will remain above 28 C, and although the evening lane swimming sessions have had to be shortened from 18.30 to 19.30, daylight will last long enough to allow a safe and comfortable swim – no matter what September throws at us! Light is certainly an issue – the triathlon swim training have seen the first attempt at underwater lighting. Little green submergible tea lights (LEDs, not candles..) were sunk at intervals around the outside of the pool, to ensure swimmers were fully aware of the reaching the sides of the pool. Although the light given off wasn’t huge, as dusk turned to downright dinginess, the pool was more reminiscent of a spa pool rather than a training pool. It was however a nifty effect! Miss Minnow