Rise and shine!

Sunshine, showers, and industrious building sounds are becoming characteristic of the final month preceding the opening of Wotton Pool for the summer swimming season.  Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd are determined that Wotton Pool continually improves, without loosing its rustic, individual charm. The recent 20 C heat wave would have been perfect for opening day, but unfortunately all we can do is keep our fins crossed for a repeat of the sunshine on April 28 at 2pm, and keep on working, buffing and polishing The sunshine has caused a few problems in the building works, making setting concrete particularly difficult. This concrete will form a gently inclined run-off for the new copingstones surrounding the pool tank, meaning that splashes will no longer leave puddles, instead they will drain away quickly, leaving a much nicer, easier to clean pool surround. I did hope that the nice looking orange skip would form the basis to an extension to the pool as a brand new Jacuzzi, but unfortunately that is a length too far at the moment. However, the pool tank is going to get another coat of paint, and the sparkling blue will be highlighted by some rather nifty coloured underwater lighting. This, and some additional lighting out of the water should allow sessions to continue later into the evening, ensuring that swimmers will remain visible and shimmering, even on the dingiest of evenings! Follow WottonPool on Twitter, or Facebook to keep up to date with the latest happenings and developments at the pool. Miss Minnow