Water, lights and cross channel training

The 28 April at 2pm is engraved on the minds of the Charity now running Wotton Pool.  It is the opening day and there has been much going on and much to go on.  The pool has had a big makeover... new copingstones, new paint and some very exciting fishy-coloured underwater lights. But there is no water in it yet; we are waiting for the paint to cure, then we will fill it with the recently-installed direct filling system (no more hose pipe to get tangled in our fins).  This will be a big step so that we can get the water circulating and the heating on for two weeks before we open…  It takes a while to get 180 tonnes of water up to 28C!  And while for most of us the prospect of lovely warm water is the perfect invitation for a swim there are some hardy Wottonians planning a channel swim this year so they are very excited about the pre-season freezing water as it will get them used the austere conditions in the English Channel.  I'm sure you will be hearing more about these Captain Webbs. And don’t worry, the water won’t be cold when we open, and we will keep it at 28-29C throughout the summer. Moby Dick  (Miss Minnow is on Holiday)