Have you been swimming yet?

The recent unrelenting rain may have put off some potential punters from taking a dip at Wotton Pool, particularly if it feels that you have been swimming to work, school and the shops recently, but don’t be fooled, swimming is a great wet weather activity! We’ve safely reached May, and the opening of Wotton Pool for the 2012 swimming season went well, despite the deluge, with a very well attended opening day on 28 April, and Sunday’s 10-12 family swim has already proved itself as once again as one of the most popular sessions. With the retractable cover, heated water (to between 28 and 30 C) and the newly installed lighting, Wotton Pool is a good option for entertainment when you might feel that the rain has imprisoned you indoors. We’re still in the early part of the season, and there is still a lot to be achieved on the to do lists amongst the various teams making up Wotton Pool Ltd. The new technical, operational and business managers are on board and making a positive impact on the running of the pool. In other news, Wotton Pool is now a registered pool for lifeguard training, meaning that this summer will see the opportunity to train more lifeguards, at our own pool, at a sensible time of day! This will also keep our existing lifeguards’ qualifications up to date, keeping our volunteer and paid workforce afloat. Miss Minnow