So how long does it take to fill Wotton Pool?

Last week, I was musing over how long it would take to fill the 160 cubic metres that make up Wotton Pool. The answer was approximately 3 days! And we didn’t even borrow the recent deluge of rainwater. The next question must be, how long will it take to heat that freezing water?! Wotton Pool is guaranteed to be 28C or above (usually between 28 and 31C) so don’t worry (even if you are a Titanic swimmer), we’re not returning to the freezing days of icebergs floating by at Wotton Pool. The heating was turned on on Monday, and at the time of writing, was still being poured in. So the pool is now full, warm, and it's time to jump in! However, some brave (or foolhardy?!)  swimmers braved Wotton Pool, preheating, for a bit of swim training. We seem to have some very intrepid swimmers in Wotton, be they triathletes, open water enthusiasts, or even, as these were, in training to cross the English Channel! And they aren’t even allowed wetsuits (unlike some of the triathletes out there!) Good luck with the swim guys, and good luck with the triathlon season! See you at the pool, be it for training, splashing or even parties! Miss Minnow