Busy times

We’ve seen all sorts at Wotton Pool, but the jubilee celebrations over the long weekend brought a few new events for us to make a splash over. The pool was involved with the very well organised sports events arranged for the youngsters of Wotton, seeing many young swimmers come through the gate on the Saturday of the long weekend. Sharron’s aqua fit class is a session that has been requested in some form or another over the years, and at last with a willing teacher, it seemed to be good fun for all. If you are interested in more of these sessions, please do get in touch with an idea of a day and time that would be suitable. It is information such as this, which sometimes holds back the implementation of new sessions, along with a willing instructor! Half term break was a bit of a washout on the whole, but despite this, the swimmers keep coming. Wotton Pool really is a “come rain or shine” activity, as the cover and heated water offer protection from wild weather, and sunshine enables a true outdoor swim. Wotton Pool has also now made it onto national television, with interviews with Paul, our pool manager, Alan, director, and an enthusiastic member of the public taking place on a showery Sunday with Sky Sports News. The report was inspired by stories of communities taking on projects to run previously council owned facilities – a dead ringer for Wotton Pool! Miss Minnow