Don't you worry... its going to be alright!

It’s always nice to receive a certificate in the post or into your inbox. Its nice because it means that you have achieved something. When Wotton Pool receives certificates into its inbox, it means that a lot of people have achieved something, usually because of a lot of hard work. The certificate I’m referring to this time is no exception - it has certainly taken a lot of effort, but, it’s official – Wotton Pool is now a fully registered and approved IQL centre for lifeguard training. Grab your whistle and stick, its time to get training! This status means that Wotton Pool is finally able to train its own lifeguards, reducing the burden on shared lifeguards from the other pools in the area. It also means that it is no longer a necessity to send our volunteers to externally run sessions at other pools for qualifying and training (usually at some horrific time on a Saturday morning!). It also gives us the flexibility to not only train our existing lifeguards to keep their NPLQ (National Pool Lifeguarding Qualification) up to date, we can also train brand new The Hoff wannabees. The course is being run as a week-long intensive course from 30 June to 7 July, and will cost £80. If you’ve ever researched lifeguarding qualifications before, you’ll notice that this is a comparatively low price, and this is because Wotton Pool will be subisdising the course. The condition is that you agree to lifeguard at the Pool during the season, but that isn’t an onerous task! You will be required to take a swimming test and interview prior to selection for the course, but this is just to ensure that you are a suitable candidate who will be able to pass the course. For more information about the course, and to apply, please get in touch via the website at, and do keep an eye out for our posters at the pool. Miss Minnow