June already?

June is upon us, marking the first full month of operation at Wotton Pool for 2012. Despite the weather being a bit of a disappointment for the first part of the season, glorious sunshine and heat certainly whetted the appetite of the community’s swimmers, seeing the busiest week of the season so far. Of course, the Royal Event of the decade is almost upon us, and with a couple of days off work and school, there should be plenty of opportunities to have a splash in between street parties, flag waving and eating cucumber sandwiches. As the bank holidays fall in half term, Wotton Pool will be operating under it’s holiday hours, meaning that the pool will be open on Monday and Tuesday from 2 – 4.00pm in the afternoon for general swimming, and from 6.30 – 8 pm for lane swimming. The new ramp will now be commissioned, as the gate offering access to the pool grounds is now fully functional, so if you’re training for Wotton Triathlon (Sunday 24th June!) or planning on pushing your pram up the steps, your access should be much easier. Thank you for your patience with this, it is certainly a much anticipated development amongst many! Miss Minnow