Pool phobia?

Swimming pools and summer holidays at the beach can be a scary prospect for some, particularly if you’ve never learnt to swim properly. Swimming is a great activity for all ages: it is a healthy way to have fun, it is impact free exercise, meaning that many use it as part of a post injury rehabilitation routine, or a way of keeping fit, without putting extra pressure on already complaining joints, and is well worth overcoming the fear. For some, of course, the other scariest bit is facing putting on a swimming costume! At Wotton Pool, the management team are working hard to create a pleasant, welcoming atmosphere, and for some this means reducing fear of water. Early submersion to encourage water confidence is covered at the baby swimming sessions on Fridays from 13.45 – 14.45. However, some children didn’t have this opportunity, and so Wotton Pool has also started hosting swimming lessons for youngsters. With over 100 enquiries about lessons, they are clearly a popular session that is being well received by Wotton’s children and parents. The classes have been oversubscribed and take place on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, with different sessions for different levels of ability, from non swimmers to good swimmers. The success clearly asks the question of what lessons will be available in the future! Watch this space… Seeking other fitness applications, Wotton Pool has also run a free taster session of aquafit. After much interest registered online and in person at the pool, a trial session was organised to give the enthusiastic public a chance to see how it would work. With a decent turn out, and an enjoyable first session,  the aquafit class will continue on Monday mornings at 9.30. on 25 June, 9, 16 July. For more information, please visit and follow us on Twitter @WottonPool. Miss Minnow