Weather woes

July’s weather has been notoriously bad, although some spells of sunshine have led to magic times at Wotton Pool for some. The swimming pool gala was certainly a great event, and the on going swimming lessons for children and helping many young people to learn skills and reach distances they haven’t managed before. However you have felt betrayed by the weather this year, spare a thought for the intrepid channel swimmers, who undertook their challenge on Friday 13 July. A considerable amount of organisation goes in to such events, and the weather does play a huge part. After the weather delayed the start of the swim by a day, it continued to threaten the challenge. With an improving forecast, the swimmers set off with the first leg of the relay initiated by Anne. After her, the next swimmer was Ella, then Dave, Mark, Chris and Katie. After the first six hours, the team had made impressive progress, but the weather took a turn for the worse with speeds reaching force 6, waves 2 metres high and an unforgiving tide pushing the swimmers further from France. After three hours the net gain was just half a mile. With wind and waves comes seasickness, even affecting the strongest of sea stomachs of the support team on the accompanying boat. Being unable to ingest any energy, the team were dreadfully weak, and unable to last the necessary 9 hours left to reach their goal. Within 6 miles of the French coast they turned back, overpowered by the July weather, but luckily safe from sharks and ships. After many, many hours of training, and great bravery and effort, the team have managed to raise over £3000 for Cancer Research and Wotton Pool. Your exertions are inspirational, well done team, and thank you for your extreme generosity of time and strength to these causes.