Is it the Paralympics yet?

I'm feeling truly bereft without the constant daily comfort of the Olympics to tune into. Such spectacular achievement and commitment by both athletes and organisers has made it a real pleasure to watch, and personally it was the water sports that I enjoyed most. While seeming like a reasonably tame game from above, water polo strikes me as more of a fight when the under water cameras show you what's really going on. And in the same way, the synchronised swimmers betray much more of their athleticism from the underwater view. It's a pity that Wotton pool isn't deep enough or big enough for a diving board, even a small one, as Daly's influence over the country has made many of us fascinated by diving, but I think a splashometer at our pool would probably go off the scale. The swimming technique too has been interesting to watch, very different to my early training, and it's inspired me to look up some new techniques on YouTube. It will be interesting to see the swimmer numbers at our pool over the last few weeks, and the next few until the end of the season as that may well show what, if any, Olympic legacy exists in Wotton.