What a difference some sunshine makes!

Although many fitness swimmers are well practised in donning their swimming kit to get to the pool and swim to their swimming session through the floods, we have noticed at Wotton Pool that a lot of recreational swimmers are less keen to come out unless the sun is shining. This has meant that our swimmer numbers are well down, despite the many improvements that have been made this year! However, out comes the sunshine, and so do the swimmers! It seems that there is nothing like a cool off at Wotton Pool for the youngsters in the town, particularly now we are under our summer swimming hours (2.00 – 4.00pm general swimming every weekday, lane swimming 6.30 – 8.00pm every weekday – weekends are unchanged!) and the summer holidays offer some extra freedom. We are now well equipped to deal with waves of enthusiastic swimmers: over the last few months we have been recruiting and training 12 brand new lifeguards. These candidates were trained at our very own pool for the first time, with theory being taught at The Civic Centre in Wotton. This is much more convenient for our new lifeguards, as many are based in or around Wotton. Welcome to the new lifeguards, we look forward to seeing you at the pool in your new orange shirts! Miss Minnow