Great British Summer

The persistent hot weather has meant that swimmer numbers at Wotton Pool have exploded!

We have had so many visitors coming along, desperate for a chance to cool off, and to enjoy the experience of an outdoor pool. It has been great to see everyone enjoying themselves, and with so much enthusiasm for the water and for swimming.

Unfortunately, as our pool isn't as big as competition pools, we only admit 40 people to the pool in one go. This is a real pity for those who don't manage to arrive before the session starts to get queueing. Thank you for your patience with us, we are doing everything we can to allow you to make the most of the good weather and your chance to swim.

And it's a good job that we have a well maintained pump room - with all these suncream-y bodies jumping in and out the filtration unit and chlorine doser is working hard to make sure the water is clean, safe and lovely.

It is summers like this that outdoor pools are made for!

Just a reminder - we are now on our summer holiday opening times, which means that our afternoon session will now be 2pm - 4pm on weekdays.

If you fancy booking a pool party, for whatever event, even if its just to celebrate the sunshine, you can do this on the booking section of our website.