A Surprising Gallery

At Wotton Pool, we are very lucky to be able to even further improve the atmosphere and ambience at the pool site this year, thanks to some young, talented artists.

There was a competition at Katharine Lady Berkeley's School last year, open to year 9 pupils, who were challenged to design a mural to be displayed at Wotton Pool. It was to be creative, innovative and of course, visually stimulating to swimmers and spectators at the pool site.

20 artists were awarded highly commended certificates, and there were a further 4 winning designs, which were submitted to the trustees of Wotton Pool, who were tasked with the tough job of making the final judgement as to which would be displayed.

The two winners, Hope Warner-Willich and Megan Stuart, will have their murals professionally printed by Draw Creative onto waterproof boards, and their murals will be on show for you to enjoy throughout the rest of the summer.

We look forward to seeing the final print, and being able to display the boards at the Pool! Thanks for your efforts Hope and Megan, your contribution is much appreciated!