Exam time of year..

Wotton Pool was awarded its accreditation to be an NPLQ certified training centre last year. This took a lot of hard work, but it is really paying off. By having this status, we are able to run lifeguard training courses, in Wotton, which will enable Wotton Pool Limited to get wannabee lifeguards fully trained and qualified to the position where they can safely and legally lifeguard swimming pools. This year, we have been running a part time training course in April and May (yes, they did get in the pool first this year!) and we are now coming to the end of the course, with the final assessments currently in progress. Part time courses are great, because it means that attendees can take the course in their spare time, without having to commit a week away from work or school to do the training. Already we have had four of the course trained, assessed, qualified and signing up to cover their first sessions, with the remaining assessments scheduled for the weekend. We look forward to being able to present them all with their bright orange lifeguarding uniform  and welcoming them to the poolside soon!