Behind the scenes at the managers meeting

I was invited to a managers and trustee meeting this week. These meetings happen regularly, and give the team the chance to discuss how the season is progressing and to take action on any issues arising, but this is the first I have attended since the start of the season. It was interesting to see how the swimming pool is run behind the scenes. The online scheduling system is particularly clever - this is the system which enables managers to book lifeguards and gatekeepers into sessions, as well as managing the private party booking system.The reason I was invited to the meeting was to discuss the potential for some more children's swimming lessons during the summer holidays, and at the meeting the detail was agreed! Learning to swim can be quite an ordeal for some children. Water can be scary, but the benefits of being able to swim are huge: safety, fitness, relaxation to name just a few. The lessons will take place every day for a week (weekdays only though!). The first week of sessions begins on 29 July, the second on 12 August. The classes are scheduled throughout the morning, the time depending on the swimmers' ability. If you are interested in booking your children onto a course, please call in at the pool and pick up a booking form. Otherwise you can download the flyer and form here.