Closing time

Well, that's it kids. Summer is officially over.  Wotton Pool is closed. We've had a great season. So good in fact, that we extended beyond our planned closing date of 15 September, and kept open for an extra two weeks. The dingy, late September evenings have given the opportunity for the underwater lights to be used again, giving a swamp-like (but clean!) feel to the steamy, splashy, glowing atmosphere. The final stats aren't yet in, but it has definitely been a good season, particularly as a result of the good weather, and our special new sessions. As this is the conclusion of the 3rd season under the management of the charity, it is also time for us to re-agree our service level agreement with Wotton Town Council. In 2010, Wotton residents voted yes (1082 for, 102 against) to raise their council tax by 25 pence a week per house (Band D houses) for "keeping the swimming pool open and available". This means that this extra money would be used for the running, and maintenance of Wotton Pool, and wouldn't be filtered off for other council means. The service level agreement is a contract between Wotton Pool Ltd (the charity) and Wotton Town Council that states that the charity will keep the pool safe and operational for a certain number of hours a week, and the Council will provide the money in order to do this. To keep the pool open from next year we have asked the Council to agree to extend the existing service level agreement.