Last week of the season

We are still open. But only just. The summer season ends, officially, on Sunday 29 September. You may have followed the entries in recent weeks about our solar panel installation. This has been a highly interesting project, particularly for those who are interested in that sort of thing, but even if you're not, the effects have been welcome. The solar panels are now heating water, and this, combined with a few techies, a Raspberry Pi and some good-looking coding, is giving us data. Lots of data. Water temperature going in to the pool, coming out of the panels, going into the panels, and the air temperature. And this is being recorded every 10minutes. The next step is to analyse this data, and to make this information available on our website. But that's a different story! I've seen a sneak preview of the website refresh, and I'm really excited about it! Last week we attended the Wotton Town Council meeting, and we are pleased to say that the Council seemed impressed by the achievements of Wotton Pool Ltd, and we are hoping to get our Service Level Agreement re-agreed. There are a few details yet to be ironed out, and some decisions to be made, but things are looking hopeful for the future of Wotton Pool. (So that website refresh will be worth it!)