Development plans

A productive winter

An application for permission to construct a new veranda with views looking outover the Severn Vale, a new shelter and a roof extension as well as other smaller modifications and repairs was approved on 6 December 2016


When the charity was set up, a number of improvements were made to the site, which was paid for using cash reserves that had been held in the account of the now-defunct Wotton Swimming Club. This included resurfacing the inside of the pool tank, rebuilding the old water circulation pipework, and major resurfacing of the pool surrounds. That money is now all spent.

The plans

The next development is to refurbish the changing rooms. A team was set up to look at this, and considered demolition, re-siting and rebuilding, but this was thought to be too expensive and would have needed a single very major investment of time, energy and money. Therefore the preferred choice was to do a piece-wise repair-and-replacement of the existing building. The detailed design and phasing of this work includes the following ideas:

  • replacement of decayed lower parts of the building
  • replacement of external cladding with new cedar cladding
  • replacement of asbestos cement roof, with a composite roof and solar water heating system.
  • small extension of roof area at south end (overlooking the Charfield valley) to provide a small sheltered veranda area (for after-party cake-eating and for non-swimming people to sit and await swimmers)
  • landscaping of area beyond the veranda
  • replacement of drains at rear of building
  • internal refurbishment

Close-up of the new veranda area

Looking past the changing rooms towards the existing solar panels

The view from the road


A motivated group of volunteers have been working hard over winter to get the new cladding on.


We've been working over winter to replace the cladding

We've been working over winter to replace the cladding