More funding success for the changing rooms project

We have used the majority of the money from Cory Environmental to put up a veranda overlooking the Severn Vale and to replace the old dilapidated asbestos roof with a new insulated composite roof.  And now we have this brilliant £8,600 grant from the Summerfield Trust (who support energy efficiency, sport and public facilities in Gloucestershire) we can put a bespoke solar water heating system on top of the new roof.  The pool water is normally heated with off-peak electricity which is environmentally questionable and expensive.  We will keep the electric system for top up when the weather is poor, but we expect most of the heating for the water next summer to come from the solar heat that just falls onto the earth from that giant nuclear fusion reactor in the sky!  We plan to have a 'heat input' dashboard on the website to show you how much heat is being collected and the amount of electricty (and carbon) saved.  All thanks to that generous donation from Summerfield.  They are great to have around to help with projects in our area... Thank you!