Local company Rio Pools starts on the Wotton Pool tiling job

riovan (IMG_0812.jpg)

Work has started on the job to tile the inside surface of the pool tank.  This is to save us the  job of preparing and painting the pool every few years.  This is tiresome and expensive work, and after a couple years the pool begins to look shabby.  In spite of our strenuous efforts to clean the surfaces the debris gets ingrained into the deteriorating paint and is very difficult to remove...

paintsurface (IMG_0774.jpg)

The first job is to grit blast the surface (and as our neighbours will know) this is a dusty and noisy job, but hopefully it will be finished by the end of next week.  This is to get a clean, sound surface for the tile system to adhere to.

gritblast1 (308e28d3-58ca-4cc3-a8fd-c848036681b5.jpg)

gritblast2 (IMG_0780.jpg)

shallow gritblasted (IMG_0781.jpg)


gritbags (IMG_0782.jpg)

The next step is to prepare conduits for the underwater lights, modify the falls of the floor to assist draining and to coat the inner surface with waterproofing cement (tanking)

Then the tiles can go on and be sealed onto the surface with waterproof epoxy grout.

And then after we have replaced the steps we will have a sparkling new pool surface that will make the swim at Wotton all the more attractive next year!