Opening Plans for 2021

We normally open the pool at the end of April as that is when the weather is just about good enough to consider an outdoor swim (or a swim under our canopy).  But this year people are still desperate for some wholesome activity with their household group.  So we decided to open for group booking  (as we did last season) for some time during the school holidays when people will be able to swim in their household groups.

But this is very early in the year and it could be quite cold.  We will do our best to get the pool water warm but there is little solar heat available this time of year.  We do have an off-peak electrical backup heater and, although there are significant costs and environmental impact, we will use it to get a reasonable level of heat in the water.

Also we may get another Beast from the East so please bear in mind our coronavirus controls where we ask people to come changed and have a soapy shower outside before and after the swim.  It should be ok, but it might be a bit chilly for the first week or two -- I hope you will understand that when you book!

Society's perception of the lockdown and coronavirus controls will probably change quite rapidly as the weeks pass so we will keep the operation plan under review.  We may be able to move to more 'public' swimming, but that will depend on the status of the virus and how everybody feels about it by then.

And we have decided to keep the price at the last-year's rock-bottom figure of £30 for an hour on site (10 mins getting ready, 40 mins swim, and 10 mins to leave the site). We aren't confident that people are ready for a turn-up-and-swim public session so we have continued with the group booking system.