Opening of further public sessions at our pool

New sessions being scheduled

Recognising that national restrictions have been held in place for an extra 4 weeks we are still able to increase our offer under our existing  and a few additional controls

From 21 June we are extending our public swimming to include the following sessions:

  • Adult General Swim  at 9 am on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays
  • Adult with Pre-schoolers at 10:15 on Mondays and Fridays
  • Ladies' Water Therapy at 11:30 on Fridays
  • Public Swim 15:30 (to about 16:45) on all weekday afternoons.
(And, just for the avoidance of doubt, here are no public afternoon swims scheduled at weekends until the start of the school summer holidays)
These sessions are in addition to Lanes at 18:00 (until about 19:45) on weekdays  and the Family swim at 10:00 (until about 11:45) on Sundays that we have already been running since 31 May

Number limits and entry fees

The maximum number of people we are letting into the water is 30. But the ladies' therapeutic sessions is a group session and run by two physiotherapists.  They will set a limit on the number of people who can come in and we expect it to be less than 20.

We are keeping the turn-up-and-pay prices as low as we can as a 'bright spot' in a difficult year -- these are the same prices as we charged in 2019.  But we expect to review them for next season



 Definitions / Notes

 Adults  &
Ladies' Therapy 


  16 + over



 Under 16

 Under 8s need to be accompanied by an adult




 Very Juniors


 Under 18 months


 Under 4

 Family Ticket


 2 adults, 2 children:

 £1.00 for each additional child

Payment is by cash or card

Health controls

We are keeping in place the majority of the health controls that we were using before 21 June and making a few changes to accommodate the turn-up-and-pay element of the attendance.  So in addition here are a few points to observe please:

  • Changing rooms are open and available, but if possible we would rather you come 'beach ready' and change outdoors.  If you want to use the changing rooms we will limit the number of people using them at once to reduce the mutual inhalation risk.
  • As it  is turn-up-and-pay we don't have an identifiable group leader present (like we do for the bookings) so we will require people to identify themselves in register (like you do on entry to pubs/restaurants) or check in with the NHS App on our QR codeChildren will not be expected to put a phone number, but will be asked to write down the school they attend
  • We will operate with the roof enclosure open if possible and when busy
  • The maximum number of swimmers is limited to 30  (as recommended by Swim England) so there is a risk of disappointment when there is good weather.  But we hope you will be tolerant and understand that we really don't like turning people away who have (possibly travelled far and) waited patiently at the back of the queue

 Pool Bookings

We are continuing to offer pool bookings as before.  You can book in advance for up 30 people (£50) by contacting us or you can  use the booking tab to secure an hour for the week 9 days in advance from the booking slot -- opening at 10 am on Saturdays.  This costs £30 and allows up to 10 swimmers