Loosening of Covid Restrictions

We are resuming some of the public sessions we had to restrict because of the coronavirus pandemic.  The pre-booked £30 sessions have been spectacularly successful, but many people want to return to 'turn-up-and-pay' arrangements.

The first ones to resume will be the Lanes session, which we plan to run from 6pm until 8pm on weekdays.  We will allow in up to 12 people (4 per lane) and you can stay up to 40 minutes in the water (40 mins to get three groups through by 8pm) but if you can manage with less then that will allow more people to get their swim.

And we are planning to resume the family session at 10am until 11:45am on Sunday morning -- 11:45 gives us 15 minutes to clear the site and prepare for the next session at noon.

Entry fees for these sessions will be the same as we charged in 2019:
   £3:00 adult, £2:00 juniors, £8:00 Family (2adults 2 children, +£1 for extra children).  Cash or card payment

Also we are pleased to be able to offer longer-term bookings for groups of up to 30 swimmers for a slightly lower fee (£50) than in 2019 (£60).  Apply for these using the contact form and we will get back to you to confirm/organise the time and date.  It will be just like the very popular £30 booking, but you can apply in advance and have more people.  However, we still want all the swimmers to shower and you must be off site at the end of the hour.  So it will probably be a bit shorter time in the water (especially if you have a big group to get through the showering).  And if you want some extra time in the veranda to cut a birthday cake then please ask for two consecutive sessions.

Eventually, we intend to bring back the afternoon Public Session, Adult General Swim, Adult and Baby/Toddler and possibly Ladies Therapeutic. We are targeting 21 June for this.

And recognising the popularity of the £30 one-hour sessions (for up to 10 swimmers) we intend to continue to offer these in the gaps in our schedule.  These will continue to be offered at 10 am on Saturday mornings for the week starting  the Monday 9 days later.  If you want more than 10 swimmers then please ask for one of the booked-in-advance sessions.

In the interests of fairness, and in recognition of the need to limit social mixing, we expect the participants to be well known to the booker and the booker needs to:

  • be adult,
  • attend with the party and
  • be responsible for them.

Also we are planning to make the changing rooms and WCs available.  We are going to use them with as much ventilation as we can, but with only 'normal' levels of cleaning as we think the coronavirus is more transmitted by inhalation than touch.  Hand sanitisers and soap and water will be available and you are still welcome to change out doors if you prefer!


  • You can start emailing your booking requests  from the contact form now.
  • The first family session is Sunday 6 June
  • the first lanes session will be Monday 31st May
  • The public afternoon session and the special sessions we are aiming at 21 June in line with the proposed national release of controls

We have done this at the best prices we can to get our facility available to people who desperately want to use it.  But we will need to review our prices next season to reflect our costs and the major improvements we have made to the facilities.