£50 Book-in-advance Party Bookings

The £50 book-in-advance party bookings are proving very popular.

They are intended for people to get a swim with their friends as a treat or a celebration and the longer-term booking in advance is to allow people to get something substantial organised and avoid the fastest-finger roulette of the £30 Saturday morning booking frenzy!

  • Bookings made through the BOOKINGS page (starting Saturday mornings at 10:00) are £30 for up to 10 people
  • Bookings made by contacting us and arranging a time that suits you best are £50 for up to 30 people

In the interests of fairness, and in recognition of the need to limit social mixing, we expect the participants to be well known to the booker and the booker needs to:

  • be adult,
  • attend with the party and
  • be responsible for them.

Also we are asking that people have a soapy shower before entering the pool and to confirm they do not have participants with corona virus symptoms

So please don't attempt to re-create diverse public sessions by collecting a group together, charging them all an entry fee and booking the pool as a would-be subcontractor.  It will be obvious if this is happening and we will ask you not to attend.

Requests for the pool are currently taking quite a bit of correspondence time so to reduce the exchange of emails and the memory burden of the incomplete bookings can you please provide:

  • a clear indication of when you would like the booking
  • confirmation of the points above
  • the post code to which your payment card is registered