We will close for Winter at the end of the day on Sunday 11 September.

And it was so popular on some days that people had to queue to get in and regrettably some were disappointed as we can only accommodate 40 swimmers maximum in the water.

People ask why they have to queue and couldn't they just book in advance and avoid the stress of the queue and the uncertainty about being in the 40 who get the swim.  And some people had travelled some distance to end up disappointed.

During the pandemic we ran a hugely popular self-booking system that did much to allieviate the lockdown stresses, and we could have continued with that. But that would exclude the many people who don't have access to computers or credit cards.  So we resolved to continue with turn-up-and-pay -- and that is why we had to tolerate the queueing, which made the job hard for us as well as hard for the queuers.