Opening Plans for 2023

We are running a course for lifeguards starting on 3 April, and we will need to get the pool clean and warm for them to train.  So as it would be available for them then why not open to the public from 1 April  and take advantage of the Easter Holidays for our swimmers?

From 1 April we will be available for evening lane swimming and  we are offering some bookings slots.

We plan to open as normal  with a full timetable (and bookings) from 17 April

We are keeping the entry prices the same as last year, but the price for the short notice booking is going up from the incredible £30 to £40 but we are increasing the number of swimmers allowed at this price to go up from 10 to 12.  The longer term bookings are staying at the economical £60/hr with up to 35 swimmers allowed.  We had nudge the price up on the short term booking because we would be making a loss every time anyone booked it.  And as much as we love our customers we need to be economically viable to exist for the town!