Booking pool parties and swimming lessons

From Saturday 2 April 2022 we have opened the new bookings system.  This will allow you to use this website to book sessions and and pay for them with your credit/debit card.  You will be able to book pool parties and children's swimming lessons.  Here are the details:

Pool Parties

  • A pool booking well in advance is available (you know when your birthday is!) where you can bring up to 35 swimmers and some spectators.  There is a covered veranda area where the group can congregate after or during the swim.  But please note that if you have booked an hour then you can only be on site for an hour because the next session will be starting -- so you will be asked to vacate the water a bit early to allow people to change and leave the site.  If you think you need longer then please book 2 consecutive hours  The price for an hour booking is £60
  • Once we have got our timetable populated and we find there are some slots left that can be used in the upcoming week we will be releasing them for booking at the astonishingly great value price of £40! But this is for a maximum of 12 swimmers.  

And please note... With these very economical prices it might be tempting to hire the pool for regular group activities that are not just general swimming (eg out-of-town swimming clubs).  This is not welcome because people in the Wotton area pay a proportion of their council tax to keep their pool running.  So the setting up of semi-commercial routine use of the pool is not permitted unless arranged formally with the trustees.

Children's Swimming Lessons

We are pleased to be able to offer half-hour swimming lessons again.  These are offered on Saturday mornings at 10:00, 10:30 & 11:00  As in previous years we  are running beginners, intermediates/improvers and advanced. 

  • The beginners will use the shallow end of the pool (it's a metre deep so they must be tall enough to stand on tip-toe and still breathe at that depth) .
  • The intermediates/improvers (who must be able to swim a width easily) will use the deeper parts of the pool (at the same time as the beginners) and normally swim widths. 
  • The advanced sessions will use the whole pool and usually swim lengths

A course of 6 lessons (at all levels) is offered for the fee of £25

Due to the limitations we have at Wotton Pool, children have to be at least 4 years old.  And the form of the lessons is that the parent/guardian is not expected to enter the water with the child.

Based on experience and the capability of the group it may appropriate to recommend a change of level for the trainee.