Why Volunteer?

So why are all these people giving up their free time to do something quite difficult, sometimes a bit dull, and often very cold or very hot? There are many different reasons that people volunteer for things: for a sense of purpose; for satisfaction; because they get something back; or maybe because they enjoy it. The members of WSPC certainly have many different reasons for volunteering at the pool. Their tasks range from lifeguarding, maintenance, gatekeeping, planning, developing, swimming, communication; and the tasks will become more and more extensive and varied now the Swimming Club will be entirely responsible for the running of the pool. I believe there are three main reasons that people want to volunteer for WSPC. One is of course, that they like swimming, and want to keep the pool open. Another reason is that the volunteers are simply very nice people, who want to help others: they really are the nicest bunch you’re likely to meet! The third reason is, I believe, as a result of the amazing support that the club has received from the community. Here at HQ, we hear from all sorts of people, offering their support, expertise and enthusiasm. One such email was from .. who although told us he wasn’t very good at ‘bisnis’, he is keen to be involved. I also want to mention the Royals from the Royal Oak, who organised a fantastic garden party this summer, complete with face painting, a barbeque, and even a fancy dress competition, and they raised a sizeable chunk of money for the pool. Also, Catherine Johnson, writer of the screen play of Mamma Mia, has given a large cheque to the pool.  And there is even ... who is doing a sponsored piano play! So thank you to everyone out there for supporting the pool: for raising money; for volunteering, for wearing ‘Vote Yes’ badges, and for turning up to swim! I can’t list everyone here, but we are in the process of creating a benefactors page on the Wotton Pool website, where you can see the full list. It is heartwarming stuff in these cold months! There is also a contact us form, if you’d like to get in touch. Miss Minnow