Do Pool Managers live in pump houses like teachers live under their desks?

March has been unseasonably dry this year, and the pool remains dry too for the time being. Don’t panic (keep calm and keep swimming!) this is normal, and the pool will be nice and wet for the opening in early summer. The maintenance work continues at the pool, with the recent work on the changing rooms and pool tank chugging along nicely, but this is not all. The plumbing at the pool has also been given a spring clean and polish, in quite a dramatic way. Recent work in the pool pump house has been concentrated on sorting out the pipe work, and making the various valves, pipes and knobs more accessible and functional. This has been very successful and the pump house is looking fabulous. It’s not quite somewhere you’d take the family for a scenic picnic, but luckily the pool itself just upstairs really is! The pool manager jobs have been advertised, and Wotton Swimming Pool Ltd have been delighted by the amount of responses from enthusiastic applicants flooding into HQ. These are not the only jobs at Wotton Pool this summer – lifeguards are of course always needed to take shifts to keep us swimmers safe. If you are a lifeguard, or are interested in becoming one to work at Wotton Pool, get in touch Miss Minnow