Swim (yay!) bike (eugh) run (noo!!)

The summer swimming season is well underway, and the pool is becoming ever more popular. The lane swimming in the evenings, rather than making the evening session exclusive, are very well attended, with the added bonus of the extra half hour, meaning that those later home from work can still get in a decent length swim. It’s not just the adults working on their fitness, the quality of swimming of the youth of Wotton is clear to see. The strength and precision of the stroke of these children is impressive, and will prove tough competition in Wotton Pool’s swimming gala this summer. Amongst the lane swimmers, you also see those up to their neck in triathlon training. Monday night’s technique session for the triathletes has had fantastic success, and the enthusiasm surrounding these sessions is infectious. Well done to the organisers, and congratulations to a great coach for inspiring an eager school of triathletes. Swimming training is going well for me, as for the rest of the triathlon? Unsurprisingly, these flippers aren’t designed for cycling: it’s such a muddle when the dorsal fin makes the bike sail off course. On the plus side the goggles are doing a grand job in keeping clear vision, despite the best efforts of the insects. How can you tell a happy fish on a bike? You won’t see flies on the teeth, that’s for sure; it’s flies plastered all over the goggles! As for a 7km run after that palaver… I will certainly be a fish out of water come 12th June. Miss Minnow