Learning curve

The season progresses, and the initial frantic stormy clamor to get the pool open has passed, and even if the calm period of the eye is yet to be found, there has certainly been progress towards flat water. It is definitely true to say that Wotton Swimming Pool Club and Limited are still learning, and making improvements in their procedures and operation all the time. The first swimming season, once having conquered the initial hurdle of opening on time, had always been predicted to be difficult and potentially troublesome. Perhaps we were in fact overly pessimistic, as the pool has consistently opened with comfortably warm water, with adequate chlorination and top quality supervision (and home baking!). Amongst this, the staffing rota has been effective, and with the first of the formal events occurring at the pool (who could forget the Wotton Triathlon) on the 12 June, the first month of the pool being open under its new management structure can boast more successes than crises! What are your experiences having swum this season? The company and the club are keen for feedback – without it we can’t make improvements to the operation! Please get in touch, if you have any comments on opening hours, prices, or general swimming experience. Good luck this weekend triathletes! Miss Minnow