Half way through

We’re just over half way through the year, and have made good progress into the summer swimming season. There have been many successes so far – Wotton Triathlon for one, and the consequential swimming training sessions with Coach Neil on Monday nights. Another triumph has been the pool parties – a very popular birthday party is to hire the pool for a good celebratory splash. For just £50 you can hire the pool for up to 35 people, one hour, plus changing time, with a fully qualified lifeguard to keep you safe while you swim. Have a game of water polo, or race your friends, or teach your children how to swim, and splash around with woggles! Wotton Pool’s annual swimming gala too was much enjoyed last weekend, and for the winning times check out the website. With the school summer holidays looming, you may well be wondering what to do with your kids while they look gloomily out at the rain. Swimming is a great activity in the rain – you’re wet anyway! And it’s a great way for children to expend some E-numbers without breaking the family home. The evening swimming sessions are continuing too. These lane sessions continue to 8pm every weekday evening, which means that if you are later home from work, you can still plough out a decent number of lengths. Swimming is a great no impact way of getting fit, and so if uncomfortable joints keep you away from the gym, swimming is a great solution and soon you can swim way to toned body to rival that of The Hoff. Miss Minnow